Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump - 6 Months In: Disaster, Golfing, Hate Obama and Tweet Stupid Crap - RUSSIA LOVE and Investigation.

CNN Crunched Trump’s Numbers After 6 Months in Office, They’re Not Good

For those of us who are rational and care about the facts, reality tells us that Trump’s first few months in office have been an absolute disaster; a chaotic, unhinged, incompetent circus that’s been linked to scandal after scandal, lie after lie, and failure after failure.
Well, Trump’s “favorite” cable news network, CNN, decided to crunch a few numbers from his few first months in office and spoiler alert: They’re not good.
In fact, they’re absolutely embarrassing.
Here’s a breakdown on what they came up with.
Currently he has the lowest six-month approval rating of any president in polls dating back 70 years, with an average of several polls sitting at 38 percent. This is remarkable considering he’s benefited from the strong economy Barack Obama left him with upon entering office. Imagine how low his approval rating will sink if the economy begins to weaken even just a little.
Despite being a huge fan of taking questions from reporters as a candidate, he’s had exactly one solo press conference since being sworn in. To put that into perspective, during Obama’s first year in office, he held 11 press conferences, George W. Bush gave 5, and Bill Clinton did 12. It’s also important to mention that his administration has basically ended on-camera press briefings, a rather hypocritical move from someone who ran a campaign promising to be the “most transparent president ever.”
While he has signed 42 bills into law, most have been fairly insignificant. Despite his party controlling majorities in both the House and the Senate, Trump has yet to pass a single piece of major legislation.
Of the six different occasions where he’s met French President Emmanuel Macron, he’s spent nearly a full minute — shaking his hand. For those of you who don’t feel like doing the math, that’s nearly 10 seconds per handshake. While that might not seem like a strange thing, next time you shake someone’s hand, try holding it for 10 seconds and see how awkward it gets.
They also broke down how he’s spent his weekends, making sure to point out that Trump was often critical of how Obama spent his free time and would criticize him for playing golf, or traveling to various places on the taxpayer’s dime.
Thus far, he’s spent 21 of his 26 weekends at various properties or office buildings that are named after him — 40 days total at his own golf courses. Seeing as he’s been in office 182 days, that means Trump has visited one of his golf courses, on average, about once every 4 1/2 days.
Furthermore, as of this 6-month milestone, “zero” walls have been built on the U.S./Mexico border funded by the Mexican government, nor are there any signs that Mexico will ever pay for his wall.
Then there are his tweets — all 991 of them since being sworn in. That comes out to 5.4 tweets per day. CNN found that of those 991 tweets:
  • “Fake” news, media, or stories have been mentioned 82 times.
  • “Jobs” have been mentioned on 46 different occasions.
  • He’s tweeted about Hillary Clinton 22 times.
  • He’s mentioned Barack Obama’s name 36 times.
  • “Obamacare”  has been tweeted about 45 times.
Keep in mind that this is a 71-year-old father of five, and grandfather — as well as the current “president” — who seems to have more free time on his hands to watch television, play golf, and spend time on social media than an unemployed teenager on summer vacation.

No matter how Donald Trump or his defenders might want to twist and distort reality, there’s no way to rationally claim that his first six months in office have been anything but an absolute disaster. The worst part is, things only seem to be getting worse as the on-going investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with the Russian government seems to be inching closer and closer toward completing the puzzle on what really happened.
My prediction is, Trump’s next six months are going to be even more chaotic than his first.

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