Friday, July 7, 2017

SARAH PALIN - PLEASE DELETE Y0UR ACCOUNT!!! She tweeted a Neo-Nazi Tweet. What a loser.

‘Please delete your account’: Sarah Palin slammed for using ‘neo-Nazi’ slogan to praise Trump

Eric W. Dolan

07 JUL 2017 AT 15:20 ET                   

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin whipped up a social media firestorm on Friday after a tweet praising President Donald Trump included a phrase associated with the Neo-Nazi movement.
“Trump Gives Speech to the People of Poland, Says 14 Words That Leave Americans Stunned,” Palin wrote, with a link to a story about the president’s recent address in Warsaw. The article itself makes no mention of 14 words used by Trump.

But several Twitter users noted that “14 Words” is a phrase frequently employed by neo-Nazis:

"14 Words"= most popular white supremacist slogan in the world: "We must secure the existence of our people & a future 4 white children." 

Two options
—Too ignorant to know "14 Words" is an extremely prominent white supremacist slogan
—Knowlingly tweeted white supremacist slogan 

So we're not even hiding it at this point, are we? There is no 14-word sentence or phrase in the linked transcript.

The conservative commentator’s tweet also ignited a mix of anger and mockery:

Boy, @SarahPalinUSA, self-proclaimed Nazis are really loving your white supremacist tweet. You must be so proud.

Please delete your account and remove yourself from all public speaking or policy work. You are a horrible person.

Very clever Sarah. Totally slipped that one by us Sarah. Nobody will notice Sarah. WINK WINK.

oh by the way you still have your hood on

The White Supremacist dog whistles are impossible to ignore at this point. Classy move, Caribou Barbie.

Lol I see Sarah Palin accidentally used the airhorn instead of the dog-whistle

I'm sure you're itching to wear your freshly pressed white hood. Shame you couldn't find a way to fit 88 in here as well, you racist.

Fourteen Words, Sarah?

Literal White Supremacy, Sarah? Come on.

This can't be good for your brand

But others doubted that Palin intentionally tweeted out a racist message.

Sarah Palin clearly was not trying to dogwhistle about the 14 words, you idiots, you fucking morons

Oh, absolutely. I'm just saying I think it's most likely that Palin has no clue what "14 words" means, or even knows 14 words.

I don't think the Palin '14 Words' tweet is racist, mainly because I doubt she's smart enough to use coded messaging.

Conservative author Ann Coulter similarly raised some eyebrows earlier this year when she tweeted out the message “14!” Several neo-Nazi affiliated accounts took the message a sign of support, but Coulter later said the tweet was a reference to the days left in Barack Obama’s presidency.

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