Saturday, July 22, 2017

Reporter says: 'Trump will fire Mueller' It is just a matter of time. Mueller insists upon looking at Trump's taxes.

Congressional Republicans have expressed doubts that President Donald Trump would fire special counsel Robert Mueller — but MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch said the move was inevitable.
Deutsch, an advertising executive and MSNBC contributor, pointed the president had warned Mueller against investigating his family’s business dealings — and the special counsel’s office quickly defied Trump by expanding the probe to examine those transactions.
“Trump tells us what he is going to do, he shows his hand — that’s what totalitarian people do,” Deutsch said. “He has said there is a red line if you go into my businesses. Of course, they’re going into his businesses.”
He pointed to a recent report, “Trump’s Laundromat,” in the New Republic that examines the president’s longstanding ties to Russian mobsters and money launderers — and Deutsch said the facts were devastating.
“Trump knows he cannot let it go that far, he cannot — he will be destroyed, he will end up possibly in jail,” Deutsch said. “He will fire Mueller at some point. You can see, he is teeing it up. That’s where this is going, make no mistake about it.”
“Donald Trump is not going to sit by — regardless of what the law is or repercussions are — let this investigation go on its own terms in its current way,” he added.

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