Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Putin is telling Trump to say that Putin did not meddle in the US elections. Trump is Putin's Puppet.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting the last laugh in the Russian-Trump scandal. Just a day after their meeting at the G20 summit, Putin joked about his influence on Trump. When a reporter asked why the White House hasn’t come out publicly in full support of the Kremlin, Putin said he would get Trump to “fix it”, then laughed.
On Russia Today, Putin said, “You’ll have to ask [Trump] what he thinks about this … Nothing happened. We did not meddle.” When the reporter expressed concern over the silence from the White House, Putin laughed and said, “Okay we’ll talk to the White House. We’ll tell them to fix that.”
Why does our President not care that a foreign leader is joking about having control over our White House? Oh, because it’s true. How long until Congress realizes the mess we are in and steps in to do something about it?
Trump is clearly Putin’s puppet and Putin feels he can get away with anything, but the sad fact that he is correct. Trump is going to say and do whatever Putin wants him to.

Watch Putin below:

Putin: We didn't meddle, ask Trump.
Reporter: But WH hasn't released any info.
Putin laughs: We'll talk to the WH and tell them to fix that.

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