Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jake Tapper calls out Trump on Sessions Loyalty - Very Good!


CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump’s “ignominious” trolling of Jeff Sessions, explaining that no matter what the president says, “having the president’s back is not the job of the attorney general.”
“How much longer will the attorney general be able to take all this trolling?” Tapper asked his audience on Tuesday’s “The Lead.”
“In a blistering tweetstorm, President Trump cyberbullies Attorney General Jeff Sessions once again,” Tapper explained. “How far is the president willing to go to stop the Russia probe?”
Trump spoke in the Rose Garden on Tuesday, and addressed “a firestorm of his own creation—his escalating campaign of public humiliation to push out Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” Tapper said. “President Trump once again said Sessions should not have recused himself in the Russia investigation … The decision by Sessions to put his allegiance to Justice protocols instead of loyalty to the president seems an unforgivable offense for the president.”
Referencing Andrew Scaramucci’s assertion that “the president wants his cabinet secretaries to have his back,” Tapper dismantled the communications director’s claim:
“To have his back,” Tapper said. “Having the president’s back is not the job of the attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer of the land. Looking out for the president’s personal and political interests and launching investigations into his rivals such as Hillary Clinton—that’s not the attorney general’s job.”
“We should note that Sessions was willing to go along with the firing of FBI director James Comey, a decision the president made while thinking of the Russia investigation,” Tapper continued. “So it’s not as if Sessions has been pure in his recusal, but even that has not been enough for President Trump who seems to feel as though Sessions’ loyalty is lacking.”
“Republican loyalty to the president is indeed being tested, the president’s allies on capitol hill fear that he might fire Bob Mueller,” the CNN host said. “They worry about his assertion that he has complete power to pardon.”
“The temptation might be to look at this Sessions story as a bit of human drama—the president deriding a longtime loyalist, how long will Sessions’ suffer these ignominious tweets and eye rolls and comments of the president?” he added. “But the story here is that President Trump wants someone at the Justice Department who will exert tighter reins, if not a scythe, when it comes to the Mueller investigations. And if Sessions won’t be that person, the president wants him gone.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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