Monday, July 24, 2017

Ivanka Trump misquotes Einstein and gets called out on Twitter. Great

When President Trump took office, many had hoped that the first daughter would be a mitigating influence on her father’s many troubling qualities.
The optimists, unfortunately, had not done their homework.
A tweet just resurfaced from 2013 in which Ivanka Trump shows that she is her father’s daughter to the core. In fewer than 140 characters, the sweatshop mogul managed to lie, justify lying, and defame an American icon:
The quote, which was never said by Einstein and runs counter to his life’s work, is a perfect admission of her family’s philosophy as they wage war on institutions of journalistic integrity for no reason other than a dislike for the truths they reveal.
After the tweet resurfaced, Twitter had a field day calling out the Trump family’s disingenuous manipulation of the facts to further their narrative:
Ivanka from 2013 that
1) Einstein never said
2) Runs completely counter to science
3) Sums up her father's administration perfectly 
"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein  
"Alright stop, collaborate and listen" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
It’s important to remember that while the dishonesty and vapidness of Ivanka and her family are laughable, it is truly alarming that one-third of the American public, as well as the majority of Congress, continue to support the president despite the regular shows of ineptitude and self-enrichment.
For that reason, this tweet may be the most poignant of all.

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