Sunday, July 30, 2017

GOP Senator Flake calls out Trump and the cowardly Party he leads - Very Good. (Wish he would have voted no on TrumpCare)

A Top Republican Senator Just Called Out His Entire Cowardly Party Over Trump

Arizona is quickly becoming President Donald Trump’s least favorite state.  First, the venerable John McCain, longtime Republican Senator from the Grand Canyon State, administered the coups de grace to the President’s last, desperate Hail Mary attempt to pass an ObamaCare repeal bill in the Senate early Friday morning.
Today, Arizona’s other Republican Senator, Jeff Flake, appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation to promote his new book, ‘The Conscious of a Conservative,’ which the New York Times calls “a thoughtful defense of traditional conservatism and a thorough assault on the way Donald Trump is betraying it.”
“We cannot claim to place the highest premium on character, then abruptly suspend the importance of character in the most vital civic decision that we make,” Sen. Flake wrote in his book.  After quoting that line, host John Dickerson asked Sen. Flake, “Are Republican leaders complicit in this if they don’t call out their president?”
Sen. Flake didn’t mince words in his response.  “I do think so,” he said, adding, “the last thing you want to do is wake up every morning and see a tweet and think, ‘I just…’ you know, it’s tough not to just say, ‘I’m not going to response.  And we can’t respond to everything. But there are times when you have to stand up and say, ‘I’m sorry. This is wrong.'”
More from Sen. Flake:
There are truths that are self-evident. And– and you’ve got to stand up and call the White House or other elected officials to task when they’re not doing what they should.  And I do think that we bear the responsibility, if we’re elected officials, to do that.
The interview on Face the Nation only scratched the surface of his book’s criticisms of President Trump.  One excerpt released last week ahead of the book’s on-sale date hints at it’s message:
“Is it conservative to praise dictators as ‘strong leaders,’ to speak fondly of countries that crush dissent and murder political opponents …? Is it conservative to demonize and vilify and mischaracterize religious and ethnic minorities …? Is it conservative to be an ethno-nationalist? Is it conservative to embrace as fact things that are demonstrably untrue?”
Trump will surely see Senator Flake’s appearance on CBS at some point, since he famously keeps close track of how he’s portrayed in the media.  He probably won’t pick up Flake’s book, however, since he’s never been a big reader.  But he can’t be happy that yet another Republican senator has finally said “enough” in response to his failed presidency.
You can see the entire somber interview below.

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