Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump's Lawyer appears to have moved him closer to guilty.

Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz made the situation worse for the President by flat out lying and threatening James Comey with prosecution.
Video of Trump’s lawyer:

Here is the statement from Trump’s lawyer:
Kasowitz’s statement contained several factual errors and flat out false statements. The area that might get the President in even more trouble was when he claimed that Comey is a leaker who could be prosecuted.
Legal experts say that Comey didn’t break any laws, and thus was not a criminal leaker:
2. Don't get caught up on whether it was a "leak" or not; no statute prohibits "leaks," as such. Q. is whether _another_ statute applies...
3. Unless memo includes "information relating to the national defense" (& no indication it did), then leak doesn't violate Espionage Act.
The bigger problem is this:
In our form of government, elected leadership doesn't get to use the threat of prosecution against people it deems its enemies. New low.
Threatening a witness with prosecution is at best witness intimidation, at worst, it is a presidential abuse of power. Either way, the man who was supposed to defend Trump may have added to the tally of offenses that this president has committed that could be impeachable.

Trump couldn’t get a top flight law firm to represent him, and the lawyer he has just made things a lot worse.

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