Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trump insists on apologies for fake news: Twitter asks 'WHAT?'

Snowflake Trump Demands An Apology From The Media And The Internet Laughs At Him

Donald Trump went on a whining rant about the media on Tuesday morning and got totally humiliated.
As he usually does, Trump woke up and immediately took to Twitter to attack Democrats, the courts, and the media.
He accused Democrats of being obstructionists and once again declared that the Affordable Care Act is in a “death spiral,” a spiral he himself caused by attacking the law through executive orders.
Trump also bitched about the 9th Circuit Court blocking his Muslim ban.
But he saved most of his vitriol for the media.
Yep, Trump literally demanded an apology from the media for doing their jobs, which drew a belly laugh from Twitter users, who proceeded to mock Trump for being a snowflake.
It sounds like Donald Trump is the one who better start apologizing. He can do it all at once by resigning and turning himself in to federal authorities.

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