Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump being Investigated in 3 different Major Crimes by Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Report: Special Counsel Robert Mueller pursuing Donald Trump for major crimes on three different fronts

For weeks, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been hiring high profile attorneys which have suggested the various ways in which he intends to pursue his investigation into Donald Trump’s orbit. Now comes an inside report that Mueller is in fact pursuing Trump on three different criminal fronts, which go far beyond the original election collusion accusations.
According to political insider Claude Taylor, whose sources have a history of being correct about Trump-Russia grand juries and other related developments, here’s what the Special Counsel is really up to: “Source with knowledge of investigation. Mueller is proceeding along 3 broad fronts. Investigating Trump for ties to Russian Organized Crime, especially money laundering and other illegalities tied to his business career. The second front is Trump Campaign and their collusion and coordination with Putin/Russian Govt in fixing the 2016 election. The third front is Trump’s crimes as president especially obstruction of justice. My source says Mueller’s team feels confident that Trump has committed impeachable offenses on all 3 fronts.”
Taylor laid out the above via his Twitter account today link). While Donald Trump himself has already publicly confirmed that Mueller is investigating him for obstruction with regard to the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the other details contain fascinating nuggets. For instance this report points to Mueller believing that the Trump campaign is guilty of not just secret meetings with the Russian government, but also of – the long sought magic word – collusion.
Moreover, this serves as further confirmation that the Special Counsel is in fact investigating Donald Trump for his ties to Russian money laundering and organized crime. This comes one day after a separate report from Bloomberg (link), which pointed to the Trump family’s longtime financial ties to convicted Russian mafia figure Felix Sater. In addition, Sater has a history as an FBI informant, suggesting he may be cooperating with the Feds against Trump.

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