Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Morning Joe says Trump needs Psychiatric Help!! Trump has no control over his crazy and unhinged behavior.


Morning Joe implies Trump needs psychiatric help, GOP operative: ‘behavior crazy & unhinge’ (VIDEO)

Once again Morning Joe questioned the sanity of the president. But this time his examples seemed to indicate that he is setting a scenario for removal.

Is Joe Scarborough suggesting psychiatric help for the president

Joe Scarborough gave a perfect example that mimics Donald Trump's behavior and explains what the normal outcome of said behavior would be.
Earlier in the segment panelists were talking about the president's erratic behavior. They pointed out that the president is way behind in setting up his administration. Nominations are far behind. They pointed out that the infrastructure bill is non-existent. The tax-cut bill is also nothing but scribbles on a sheet of paper. The president has begun attacking his own administration. And of course, no American president has ever attacked the mayor of a city who recently lived through the tragedy that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has.
"But this is so unbalanced," Joe said. "He is not well."
Soon after Scarborough laid out an interesting example that the business types who continue to support Trump for their ulterior motives, can understand. In effect, a crazy and unhinged man cannot fulfill the things they hoped he would. When more Republican politicians and their business masters come to that full realization, they may provide the evaluation Joe speaks about in the segment.
"If I was wondering around talking about things that did not exist day in and day out," Joe  Scarborough said. "People would be concerned. If any CEO in a Fortune 500 company were behaving this way, he or she would be removed immediately. If they went out and they said, 'Hey we have a new product line coming out tomorrow. Let me tell you about it. It will be the greatest product line you've ever seen. And there is no product. And I am being dead serious here, no product line. They would take him out. He would have a psychiatric evaluation. And he would no longer be the CEO there. So what do we do here."

In effect, Joe is saying the president is in immediate need of psychiatric help. But he also believes like many now who are speaking up that he should be removed from office not only for his mental state but his incompetence.
"I can't imagine," said Elise Jordan, former Advisor to Senator Rand Paul. "I mean if you have a family member who is behaving in this condition, you just think how difficult it is to deal with a family member who was going around and behaving in this condition. And it has gotten to the point where it is very scary because it is the Commander-in-Chief. And seemingly no one has any control over his behavior. Most, least he has no control over his behavior. So I really am, you know I would be lying if I said was anything but anxious and nervous about how all this is going to play out just because the behavior is so crazy and unhinged."
The president is feeling it from many sides. Eventually, his Republican enablers will as well.

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