Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm sorry a Congressman was shot. I'm sorry Trayvon Martin was shot. I'm sorry those Amish children were shot...

• I'm sorry a Congressman was shot. 
• I'm sorry Trayvon Martin was shot.
• I'm sorry those Amish school children were shot.
• I'm sorry Gabby Gifford was shot.
• I'm sorry the Aurora theater victims were shot.
• I'm sorry the kids at Sandy Hook were shot.
• I'm sorry the 49 people in Orlando were shot.
• I'm sorry congress voted to give mentally ill people guns.
• I'm sorry #45 suggested that people use their 2nd Amendment rights to "do something" about Hillary.
• I'm sorry the NRA means more to some people than anyone's child.
• I'm sorry congress didn't extend the assault weapons ban.
• I'm sorry you can get a gun and be on the no fly list.
• I'm sorry you can take a gun into a bar.
• I'm sorry that people would rather send their thoughts and prayers instead of actually doing something to end this! DO BOTH!!!!!
• I'm sorry that we are all so desensitized to violence in our country that everyone's first question is who did the perpetrator vote for.
• And I'm sorry there is such a stigma regarding mental health. Until we actually make changes we are going to continue to be sorry.
"Guns don't kill people. People kill People.....People who refuse to allow this country to legislate sensible gun laws (including sensible mental health checks) kill people, ESPECIALLY if they do it while simultaneously STEALING Elections and taking from the POOR to give to the RICH."
How STUPID, GREEDY, and/or INSENSITIVE do you have to be to take ALL HOPE from the POOR, GIVE $300 BILLION to the RICH, give EVERYONE Access to MORE GUNS, and think that will be OK....with no anger or repercussions?
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