Friday, June 30, 2017

Dear Trump Supporters: Your Hero is a sad, pathetic, loser!

The truth is, being a “winner” or a “loser” doesn’t really have much to do with wins or losses, but more to do with the type of person someone is. Throughout my life I’ve met many people who, on the surface, appear to be “winners” — when they’re actually pathetically sad, petty, and miserable individuals.

That brings me to Donald Trump. Someone who is, without a doubt, a sad, pathetic loser.
Ignoring his supposed wealth, and all the benefits that typically come with having money, imagine how miserable an existence Trump’s must be.
His insecurities are so massive that he needs to be showered with praise — constantly. His fragile ego is so delicate that his mind has actually created this alternative reality where I think he truly believes that nobody does anything better than he does. He’s so neurotic that he obsesses over what people are saying about him, and those who he feels have slighted him in some way.
In Trump’s world, to be someone he “respects and trusts,” you have to be willing to bow down, kiss his backside, and constantly shower him with praise and admiration. He needs “yes-men” who are going to tell him that, yes:
  • You do have the “best words.”
  • Of course your approval rating is much higher than the polls indicate.
  • Without a doubt Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote because “millions voted illegally.”
  • Absolutely your inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s.
  • The media is out to get you.
  • You are much smarter than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
  • Your first few weeks in office have been some of the most successful in history.
  • World leaders absolutely respect your superior strength and intellect.
  • Most Americans support you.
  • Your “presidency” will be better than Obama’s in every way.
  • Your hands are definitely impressive and large.
Really think about how miserable it must be to be such a loser that it doesn’t bother you that people are blatantly lying to you, just as long as they’re telling you how amazing you are and anyone who doesn’t think you’re the best at nearly everything is simply jealous and out to get you. Imagine nearly every waking moment of your life being fixated on finding ways to brag about yourself, lashing out at those who criticize you, and plotting revenge against those you feel have embarrassed you.
Take a look at his obsession with Barack Obama. I am absolutely convinced that a big part of his focus as “president” is seeking out any way possible to try to erase Obama’s eight years in office. Not because he necessarily disagrees with all of Obama’s policies, but because he’s so incredibly jealous of him. Donald Trump could never “beat him” while he was in office, so he’s going to do his best to undo any of Obama’s policies because that’s the only way he’ll ever be able to get any sort of a “victory” over the former president — since he was too much of a coward to run against him in 2012.
He can’t even handle criticism in the media — just like every other politician and president in modern history has had to endure — without going on daily Twitter outbursts because members of the media are saying negative things about him that he can’t control.
They’re so mean and unfair– FAKE NEWS!
That’s why Trump seems to spend hours every day obsessively watching cable news. His fragile ego compels him to need to know who’s saying what about him. That way he knows who to attack on Twitter where millions of his adoring fans will shower him with praise and admiration.
Look at the numerous times he’s gone on Twitter tirades at odd hours of the morning. As if he sits there, stewing, unable to sleep, as his insecurities drive him to lash out at those individuals on social media. And it’s not usually only one tweet — his breakdowns can span multiple tweets over a period of several hours, or sometimes even days.
It just eats away at him.

Hell, look at his appalling comments about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski because her and fellow “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough have had several “not nice” things to say about him. Trump’s own spokesman claimed his tweets were a response to him being “bullied” by the morning news hosts.
Think about that for a moment. The “President” of the United States, arguably the most powerful person on the planet, felt “bullied” — by two morning news hosts.
That’s. Just. So. Pathetic.
Trump’s behavior is not how a winner behaves.
Real “winners” don’t need to constantly lash out at people, because they’re confident and secure enough in themselves that criticism doesn’t bother them much. They don’t need constant praise, because they’re not so insecure that they’d wilt without it. They don’t need to act like they’re the best at everything, because they’re intelligent enough to know that nobody is. They don’t need to be told they’re the smartest person in a room, because they know there’s something they can always learn from others. They don’t need to try to bully or intimidate people they feel are weaker than they are, because they understand using your power to pick on the weak is actually a sign of weakness.
Donald Trump is not a winner — not at all. He’s a weak, fragile little snowflake who’s gotten where he is mostly because he was handed life on a silver platter by his parents. He’s a buffoon who’s surrounded himself with “yes-men,” who’s spent much of his life bullying those he perceives are weaker than he is, in a never-ending obsession to satisfy his unprecedented and neurotic insecurities.
Or to put it simply — Donald Trump’s a sad, pathetic loser.

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