Monday, June 12, 2017

1992 Trump Video shows Trump to be exactly the person that Comey talked about.

Video Of Trump From 1992 Surfaces Showing That Donald Trump Is EXACTLY The Man James Comey Describes

In James Comey’s testimony, he claimed that Trump said, “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.” In fact, he asked Comey to pledge allegiance to him. As the Washington Post reports:
“In seven remarkable pages of prepared testimony, Comey describes a president obsessed with loyalty and publicly clearing his name amid an FBI investigation of his associates, and the FBI director’s growing unease with the nature of the demands being made of him in their private conversations.”
Trump’s behavior isn’t new, and can be seen in a 1992 video that recently resurfaced:
Not only does Trump say that he needs loyalty, but that he “loves getting even” with anyone who isn’t loyal. Trump has no interest in leading a democracy—not when he demands loyalty from everyone in it, and threatens everyone who won’t pledge loyalty to him. This video just shows how long he’s been this vindictive.

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