Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump put Sheriff Clark in a top job Department Homeland Security - The person who had the job before has a chilling response.

This afternoon, Sheriff David Clarke announced that President Trump had appointed him to the post of Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Clarke has been a lightning rod for criticism for making a wide array of fascist statements, causing the deaths of inmates, and framing victims for crimes.
Phil McNamara, President Obama’s appointee who currently holds the post, let loose on Twitter with a chilling warning about the dangers of Clarke in his job.
McNamara’s tweets should be read in their entirety. They show Clarke’s lack of fitness for the appointment and shed light on the threat of having someone as deranged as Trump in a position to make these vital hiring decisions.
I'm being replaced @DHSgov by . My job was to work with state and local officials. Clarke says he wants to strangle 
So much for Sheriff Clarke's ability to work with  governors and mayors, he is too polarizing and calls critics 
His department is being investigated for an inmate death because they refused to give the inmate water, he died of 
The job is massive, the issues are complex and nuanced, and requires political tact and ability to build relationships, he can't do that
 will take an entirely different approach to job than @juliettekayyem @BetsyMarkey and I ever did.
I guess he's getting out of Milwaukee before the voters fire him. In recent polling 62% of votes disapproved of his job as 
Asked about working with Democrats Clarke said he wants to grab them by their throats, I never said that about GOP electeds I worked with
I feel bad for my career staff @DHSgov, also bad for groups like @NatlGovsAssoc @usmayors, will he really be their  inside DHS?
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@DHSgov @NatlGovsAssoc @usmayors Also why did  travel to  in 2015 to meet with one of 's deputies? And who paid for trip?
@DHSgov @NatlGovsAssoc @usmayors Well I can say that I've never been sued by the @ACLU and I've never traveled to Russia to meet with a Putin deputy

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