Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump - Lied about the jobs he created by deals made overseas. Fortune Magazine tells the truth.

The one thing that Trump did that was remotely related to the economy was sign a $110 billion arms deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, authorizing the sale of advanced precision weapons systems that the Obama administration had refused to sell to the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism and with one of the world’s worst human rights records.
While that is wonderful news for Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and the rest of the military-industrial complex, it’s not such good news for the American people.
Mina Chang at Fortune writes:
Historically, U.S. defense packages have come with long-term sustainment contracts for repairs, upgrades, and modernization, which theoretically produce American jobs but don’t actually do so, largely because of the automation of those production processes.
So, those jobs aren’t going back to traditional manufacturing laborers, but at best, a smaller number of young, high-skilled employees from the technology sectors.
All Trump’s big deal actually accomplishes is create jobs in Saudi Arabia and gives the Saudis more weapons with which to slaughter the impoverished and starving people of Yemen – if it ever gets past Congress, where it is facing heavy bipartisan resistance.
Trump has done nothing to save anyone any money, nor save any American jobs.
The media needs to do its job and make that clear to the American people.

We cannot allow Trump to make ridiculous claims and have them be accepted as fact.

President Trump’s presidency has so far relied largely on highly publicized photo-ops, misleading press releases, and outright lies to simulate the appearance of productivity in lieu of any substantial legislation or anything that resembles fulfilling the grand promises he made as a presidential candidate.
As long as there’s B-roll footage of him signing something for FOX News to play over and over again, he’s happy, knowing his supporters will eat it up without question.
His disrespectful contempt for his astoundingly gullible supporters was put on full display with his latest tweet from Europe, in which he congratulated himself for saving “billions of dollars” and “millions of jobs.”
Just arrived in Italy for the G7. Trip has been very successful. We made and saved the USA many billions of dollars and millions of jobs.
Any casual inspection of President Trump’s trip itinerary or the news coverage over the past few days reveals that, as noted by Fortune magazine, “there weren’t any large financial agreements announced at the NATO summit or other public deals on Trump’s trip that dealt with ‘billions of dollars.’”
Nor were there any agreements, discussions, or deals that would have saved “millions” of American jobs, which is obviously a ridiculously hyperbolic figure with absolutely no relation to reality.

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