Friday, May 5, 2017

Trevor Noah - Republicans made a game of passing TrumpCare. 'This bill is even worse for sick people'

Trevor Noah ripped into the Republican Obamacare repeal at great length last night, and he didn't miss a thing. He talked about how Trump voters got screwed, reminded us of Trump's unkept promises, and pointed out the absurdity of the amount of money Republicans allocated for pre-existing conditions.
He said the bill has a $192 billion shortfall in funding for high-risk pools for pre-existing conditions, “If you’re short by $192 billion, just say you don’t have the money," he said. You can’t be ‘short’ by the G.D.P. of Greece.”
But he really hit home when he skewered Republicans who see governing as a game, and not something that actually affects people's lives.
“Republicans cared less about the bill’s quality than the optics of getting a bill passed. And we know that they didn’t like this bill because they kept on telling us,” he said.

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