Friday, May 5, 2017

The GOP repeal of Obamacare had nothing to do with better health care for the average person

The GOP’s latest legislation was not about providing better healthcare to its constituents. It was all about winning and trying to tear down one of President Barack Obama’s most important legacies, Obamacare. There was no compassion, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. House Speaker Paul Ryan let his little boy suffer all night with a broken arm before taking him to the doctor the next day.
In a hypocritical move on National Day Prayer, Republicans arm-twisted their votes in the ill-planned attempt to repeal of the Affordable Care Act [ACA]. Just one of Trumpcare/Ryancare’s [AHCA] absurdities was raising costs pregnancy costs $17,000, because under the proposed new health plan it was a precondition. The new plan will be a Republican career killer.
GOP lawmaker on ObamaCare repeal: "Let’s get this f--king thing done" 
The Republicans knew how to take care of themselves, though. This bill provided an exemption for not only Congress members, but also their staffs. Although AHCA got rid of some of the ACA’s most popular coverage protections, it required insurance companies to guarantee those protections to Congress.
That meant they would not subject to higher premiums for preexisting conditions or chronic illnesses. It appears, the GOP liked the Affordable Care Act, just not for their constituents.
‘JUST IN: ObamaCare repeal bill contains exemption for members of Congress and their staffs.’

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