Saturday, May 27, 2017

Melania Trump tweeted from Italy - She now regrets it. (No hand holding fool)

Since President Donald Trump’s has been on his first foreign trip, he and the First Lady Melania Trump have visited Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, and Italy. There’s just one thing that the couple seems to not be able to refrain from doing: staying off of Twitter. Friday evening, Melania tweeted from Italy with a picture of her and President Trump standing on a balcony with a simple caption reading “Gorgeous evening.”
Users on Twitter were furious at the First Lady’s post, and here’s what they had to say about it:
@FLOTUS You have turned your back on America. You're both are very selfish. You get to travel & enjoy healthcare while we have to earn everything.
@Strugachik @FLOTUS OMGoodness, awww, you have to EARN things? You mean things are supposed to be GIVEN to you? Did you say that to Obama and Michelle too?
@deplorableamy77 @FLOTUS I do earn it genius. Trump doesn't pay his taxes. He takes and doesn't give. He's proposing a tax cut for himself and rich friends.
@FLOTUS We are so proud of you and @POTUS
@Joycep7777 @FLOTUS @POTUS Proud. I don't think so. The bully pushed a dignitary out of his way in Brussels for a photo op. No class 
@FLOTUS Why aren't you holding hands?
@SamanthaKayeA @FLOTUS Had she given any thought to marrying for love and not money, perhaps she would have ended up with someone she wanted to grow old with...
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