Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Alternative Facts Conway gets called out on CNN about the Comey Firing. VIDEO

If the way Kellyanne Conway behaved on CNN Wednesday morning is any indication of the turmoil currently taking place inside the White House, then obviously the administration knows their situation is analogous to rats aboard a sinking ship.
Speaking to Chris Cuomo about the sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey Tuesday evening, Conway bristled when the CNN host noted it made no sense for Trump to let Comey go now. It would have been more appropriate, Cuomo commented to have done so shortly after Trump took office in January if he the reason for the firing was the way Comey handled the Hillary Clinton investigation. To that, Conway remarked:
“Why is the timing up to you at CNN?”
“It’s just a question.”
Clearly losing her composure, Conway then blurted out:
“If the president had done it in January, you guys would have run the same chyron for three months that he did it in January because he’s got something to hide!”
Next, Cuomo pointed out that it took the so-called head of state less than two weeks to decide he would fire Comey, whereas it took 18 days before he let disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn go:
“It took him two weeks, all right? Why move on it so quickly? Why do it now?”
“Okay, let me ask you the question: Why not? Is it too quick for people?”
That’s when the CNN host hit Conway with a fact that nearly knocked her down:
“Because you’re being investigated by the FBI!”
Later in the interview, there was this odd riposte from the senior adviser to the alleged president:
“The President of the United States confers with his team on any number of personnel decisions. You want to question the timing of when he hires, when he fires — it’s inappropriate.”
It’s inappropriate? Are you kidding me, Kellyanne? We are allowed to question anything and everything any elected official does. It’s one of the things that makes our Constitutional system the greatest in the world.
What the Trumpkins are having trouble accepting is that they’ve been caught red-handed. They’re in the denial stage. But there is no denying just how corrupt this administration is. In time, all of their criminal acts will see the light of day. And this country will be stronger as a result.
Here’s the unhinged Ms. Conway on CNN:

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