Monday, April 3, 2017

Spicer calls out Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalists but they get back BIGLY on twitter.

The above is a video and quite interesting.  Check out the video first.

Earlier today, ProPublica reported that President Donald Trump altered his financial trust on February 10, a month after announcing that he had isolated himself from his interests, to allow secret withdrawals any time he wants.
Asked about the revelation today at the White House daily briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer predictably dismissed the news.
Just because a left-wing blog makes the point of something changing doesn’t mean it actually happened,” Spicer said. “I’m not aware that there was ever a change in the trust. And the idea that the President is withdrawing money at some point is exactly the purpose of what the trust, why a trust is set up, regardless of an individual.”
Among the many problems with Spicer’s statement, including that the President did change the trust, is the fact that ProPublica is by no one’s definition “a left-wing blog.” To the contrary, the decade-old journalistic giant is one of the nation’s best regarded investigative news sources and winner of three Pulitzer Prizes.
ProPublica swung back at Spicer and his boss along with their loose relationship to the truth, tweeting out a string of facts that the White House would rather people not talk about.
The thread is more than a perfect smackdown of Spicer’s strategy of schoolyard insults, it provides a great shorthand for the secrets and lies being perpetrated by the Trump regime. Every American should read through these tweets, if nothing else, for a reminder of the intense dishonesty at the highest reaches of our federal government.
.@seanspicer 5/ We do no-surprises journalism. We told the Trump Org & WH what we knew and gave them time to explain.They didn’t.
.@seanspicer 6/ What we do is hold people in power accountable, no matter who they are, or what names they call us. We do it with facts. Like...

.@seanspicer 11/ And yes, our job always has been and will be holding *all* those in power accountable.

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