Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LIAR IN CHIEF: New Poll: Even President Trump's supporters feel he is telling lies.

His supporters know he is telling lies but they are OK with him telling lies.

Most people can say without a doubt that Donald Trump is a liar, and that he likes to greatly exaggerate his accomplishments, but now a newly released poll confirms that a large majority of the voters in four key states would be inclined to agree.
As President Trump approaches is 100th day in office, Firehouse Strategies organized a survey, in four different swing states the Trump carried in 2016- Florida Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They interviewed 3,491 people who seemed likely to be midterm voters in those areas, taking a particular interest in how honest Trump was. The poll lasted from April 21st -23rd, with a margin of error of only two percent.
Eighty percent of those who responded in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania stated that they believe that Donald Trump lies, or exaggerates frequently. Eighty-four of those surveyed had the same thing to say about Republican members of Congress as well.
The poll also found that there was a major partisan split on how people viewed President Trump. Fifty-one percent of Republicans believe that Trump only lies when his intentions are good, and thirty-one percent just flat out believe that Trump would never dare lie.
On the other hand, about seventy percent of Democrats said that they believe that Trump lies to intentionally deceive, whereas another Twenty-one percent of Democrats said that they believe he mostly just exaggerates the truth.
Overall the researchers reached an interesting conclusion, that Trump voters often times are aware that Trump may not be telling the truth, but the majority just couldn’t care less.
“Voters know he’s often not telling the truth, but a majority don’t care.”
Just for an example of Trumps “lies and exaggerations.”
Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed border wall.

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