Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vote NO on Gorsuch for Supreme Court: CHRIS MATTHEWS gives a great It should Merrick Garland up there.

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While Neil Gorsuch is likely qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, it is a stolen seat that must be denied President Trump even if it means leaving the Supreme Court one justice short.
"Donald Trump wants the United States Senate to confirm his pick, Donald Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court," Chris Matthews said. "He wants Democrats to join Republicans in giving his pick the 60 votes to override the expected filibuster. Let me suggest the very good reason not to let this happen. It's not about Trump's pick. It's about President Obama's pick. The one Mitch McConnell and his bunch decided did not even deserve a vote, did not even deserve a hearing, did not even deserve the respect of someone nominated to this high position. Just like McConnell decided in 2009 he was going to destroy the Obama presidency at the get go, decided that he wanted to wait for the next president to do business with. He decided eight years later that he would bump Obama's Court pick from the line and wait for a pick from the next president. Well, this brand of bad politics has to stop. Since the Republicans aren't going to stop it the Democrats have to. It is not about being a sap or a chump or any other word you call a person who gets taken and lets himself or herself get taken again. It's about starting to fix the system. A President nominates the Supreme Court Justice. The S.enate deliberates on the nomination. We will not get back to such respect if we let Trump exploit the vacancy Mitch McConnell created. We cannot allow these two opportunistic to complete what we call in basketball the alley-oop play. One guy throws the ball high up there above the basket and the guy standing there right underneath, jams it in. I don't want to see Donald Trump stuff his nominee through the hoop. Why? Because it is not his turn. It's Merrick Garland's turn. And everyone knows it. VOTE NAY ON GORSUCH. Demand the 60 votes and don't give them to Trump. It's not this guy's turn and it's not his guy's turn. And all the charm and dancing and Mr. Nice Guy is not going to change it. It's not about Gorsuch or even Trump. It's about Mitch McConnell and the brand of low-level politics he stands for. Get it?"

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