Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TRUMP TOWER WAS WIRETAPPED!! A few years ago, they were tapping Russian Spies who set up in Trump Tower.


According to a new report by ABC News, as it turns out, evidence that wiretaps were placed in Trump Tower actually does exist. Unfortunately for Trump, he got every single detail about this wrong and there is no evidence to suggest he even knew that this had ever occurred.
From 2011 until 2013, well before Trump had even began discussing a 2016 run for the presidency, the FBI did petition the courts for permission to wiretap Trump Towers. The target was not Donald Trump or anyone involved with his campaign and the order was not requested by President Obama.
The wiretapping was approved by the courts to target persons within Trump Towers in Manhattan due to illegal activity by members of the Russian mafia. That surveillance led to the indictments of more than 30 people, including Russian mob boss, Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who remains at large today.
The news around this Russian mafia boss got even more tangled for the new president after those indictments were handed down.
‘Five months after the April 2013 indictment and after Interpol issued a “red notice” for Tokhtakhounov, the fugitive appeared near Donald Trump in the VIP section of the Moscow Miss Universe pageant. Trump had sold the Russian rights for Miss Universe to a billionaire Russian shopping mall developer.’
Mike Gaeta, who worked as an FBI agent at the time of the surveillance, described Tokhtakhounov by saying that “he is a major player…he is prominent, he has extremely good connections in the business world as well as the criminal world, overseas, in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, other countries.” Tokhtakhounov and his Russian mob cohorts were suspected of bringing over $50 million in illegal money into the United States. Their activity was all based out of Trump Towers, just three floors below Trump’s own personal penthouse.
Whether or not Donald Trump was in any way connected to or aware of the activity of this crime syndicate is not clear and was not included in Tuesday’s report from ABC News.
As to Trump’s tweets accusing President Obama of illegal wiretapping during the presidential campaigns, the intelligence community continues to say that absolutely no evidence of this exists.

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